Our Favourite Co-Working Spaces in London for Female Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

As a freelancer, remote worker, or female entrepreneur, your most precious and prized space is probably your home office. We’ve illuminated many ways to make your home office or desk a hub of productivity and positivity, but let’s face it, oftentimes you just need to get out of your home and interact in the real world. Being a female entrepreneur can be a lonely business sometimes, so it’s both healthy and fun to get outside and do some work out of your normal environment.

Enter co-working space. There has been a huge influx of co-working and shared working spaces popping up all over the city. According to Hubble, London now has more co-working spaces than any other city in the world. 

In addition, there are more and more public spaces that are catering to individuals and creatives who work on a laptop and want a coffee and space to spread out with their work for the day.

So how do you know where is the best place to go – places equipped with good coffee and meals, quiet spaces, accessible outlets for when your laptop runs out of juice, and a creative atmosphere – all at a reasonable (or no) cost?

We’ve got the run down on our favourite co-working spaces in the city. Whether you want a dedicated spot to crash at when you want to work out of your home, or you just want a comfortable space when you need a change of atmosphere or a suitable venue when you have to take a meeting, these are our favourite working spaces in the London.


1. Hotel Lobbies & Business Areas

The Lobby at The London Edition

The Lobby at The London Edition

We often enjoy heading into a hotel lobby to work as it just immediately projects you into a different change of pace. If we're feeling a bit sluggish, then a hotel is perfect as it's not necessarily a 'work' environment, but you can get work done without too much distraction.

These hotels often offer large, quiet cafe areas with a good amount of table space and good cappuccinos. Perfect for when you need to quickly meet with a client or VIP, and when you want to transition from afternoon emails to afterwork drinks.

Our Favourites:

Hotel Pullman

The London Edition

Rosewood London

Lanes of London at The Marriott Hotel Park Lane


2. Co-Working Spaces

The Club Room at The Office Group Bloomsbury Building

The Club Room at The Office Group Bloomsbury Building

Co-working spaces are spreading out all over the city faster than wildfire can take over King's Landing, and let's get real - This. Trend. Is. Not. Stopping.

So if you are thinking about a virtual office for mail & a phone number, or think hot-desking would be right for you for a few days out of the month, think about what you want for the future of your company and start with a co-working space that you believe can grow with you and your business. We love The Office Group for exactly this reason: it's connected community, the inspiring facilities, the brilliant events and support, and the flexibility offered to its members.  

If you find a co-working space that is right for you, it is well worth the investment! But don't get too caught up in the bells and whistles - it isn't all about bean bags and free coffee (at least make sure the coffee is GOOD before you put money down), make sure you the network you join is the right feel for your industry.

Our Favourites:

The Office Group

The Kensington Pavilion

The Collective (The Den)

12 Hay Hill

3. Membership Clubs

The Living Room at Gazelli House

The Living Room at Gazelli House

Membership clubs are a great alternative to co-working spaces when you may have some disposable income, but you don't want your social budget to suffer. Put that money towards a membership club and you have a one-stop shop for both your work and lifestyle needs.

For the creatives and artists, The Hospital Club is a brilliant choice - the networking opportunities and events often pay for the membership itself and it really has such a chill vibe. 

For those into wellness, beauty and holistic living, Gazelli House is a great option as the beautiful space serves as a wellness spa (the treatment rooms are GORGEOUS) as well as a 'home' that you can work in. The best part about Gazelli House - the membership is currently FREE. Yep, see you there next week.

For some of these other spaces, there are often discounts and waived joining fees for Under 30s, so get in quick!

Our Favourites:

Gazelli House

The Hospital Club

Home House


Grace of Belgravia


4. Cultural & Creative Hubs

The Skylon Bar at Royal Festival Hall

The Skylon Bar at Royal Festival Hall

While it's always great to have a steady base to step out to, one of the reasons why we love being freelancers and entrepreneurs is because of the inherent freedom. The minute I feel like I'm hemmed in and doing the same thing in the same place everyday, I'm ready to change something up, and usually a change in scenery works wonders.

Sometimes you need that buzzy and creative atmosphere around you to remind you that you aren't alone, but you still want a quiet atmosphere where the coffee is cheap and the wifi is strong. We love heading to Southbank for the wide open space at Royal Festival Hall, or soaking up the history at The British Library. 

Our Favourites:

Royal Festival Hall

The British Library

Wellcome Collection Cafe & Library

Pancras Square Library


5. Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

The Hoxton Holborn

The Hoxton Holborn

When we need to get out, and are ready to elevate your Starbucks or Costa, these are the places we like to go. As well as providing some comfortable and productive working space, these places are perfect for impromptu meetings, people-watching and creative inspiration.

Are they super trendy? Yes. Are they worth it? Free wifi, tons of outlets, buzzy without being overwhelming, and enough room to work - YES.

Whether you want someplace chilled and comfy, artsy and creative, or a den of inspiration that reflects your health and well-being, we hope to see you at some of the below spots!

Our Favourites:

The Hoxton & The Hoxton Holborn

Phoenix Arts Club

Forge & Co.

Raw Press at Wolf & Badger

Those are our favourite co-working, creative and collaborative spaces in London. Did we miss a fantastic spot? Where is your favourite place to work? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll see you there!

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