Fighting Overwhelm and Finding Work-Life Balance for Female Entrepreneurs

Feeling Overwhelmed and Finding Balance for female entreprneurs

As a female entrepreneur or founder, a freelancer, or a business owner, have you ever found yourself stressed or feeling overwhelmed with the thought that you have to hustle your way through business, fight every fear you have and crush all your business goals to be a success? Preferably before you are 30 and while wearing a pair of killer heels? And if by any chance that isn't your reality, have you felt bad about not having 'made it'?

No, I'm not sipping lattes all day and cocktails all night with my freelancer girlfriends in Instagram worthy poses. I'm not making 6 figures every month and telling you how you can too! I sometimes struggle in finding balance between myself and my husband on a Sunday afternoon as a work from home founder as work can easily slip into those moments. 

And I don't even have kids, so I can't even begin to imagine balancing that as well....


Real talk: balance can be so elusive us female entrepreneurs and founders.

For digital nomads, freelancers and location independent workers, we often put undue pressure on ourselves to HUSTLE. We've heard it all before – make it work, only you can make things happen in your business. While the wisdom of business mentors like GaryVee and John Cho looks good in an Instagram feed or in a sound byte, in practice those words can quickly lead to burnout and disappointment. Don't get me wrong, all of that inspiration is great, but it is missing something - BALANCE.

At The Moderna, we were given Sheryl O'Loughlin's new book to read and review - Killing It! An Entrepreneur's Guide to Keeping Your Head Without Losing Your Heart. It carries a message that is so timely and that we had to share.


What we love about Sheryl’s book is that it addresses actionable steps to maintaining life as an entrepreneur alongside all the other parts of who you are. As digital nomads ourselves, we found this essential. We didn’t become entrepreneurs just to make money and work to death. We started this business to realign our workstyle to our lifestyle and to help others do the same – and in her book, Sheryl shares her experiences in how she’s been able to do just that, Killing It in both life and business.


We need more women speaking authentically about the true ups and downs of starting a business, being an entrepreneur and how both rewarding and crazy the journey can be. Especially as women, I think it is easy for us to get caught up in the fantasy of what it is like to build a business online. There are so many ads and blog posts that are trying to sell formulas that serve up the ideal lifestyle and income ‘fast and easy.’


The truth is I know most female entrepreneurs and freelancers in this community are looking for longevity and sustainability in their chosen career that will allow them to balance life and work successfully. That comes from building and maintaining processes and ultimately knowing yourself, your business and your customers - not from following any formula. Gaining that knowledge is all a part of the journey.

Sheryl breaks this down in her book and gives meaningful, first-hand experiences of how she balances her family, friendships, lifestyle and health alongside her work and business to achieve what her dream life looks like. It is possible! So for all the freelancers and entrepreneurs who are facing an unrelenting amount of overwhelm, and perhaps need some advice on nurturing your well-being while still getting ish done, this book can be a help for you.

As for fighting overwhelm in your work, we've out some practical advice in this article here: Work Hard, Play Hard: How to Stay Balanced. And it's also why we started this community - to inspire women to start living their life by design and not by default and connect with others as they do so.

How do you fight overwhelm and stay balanced? What areas are you struggling in where you could use some help? What lessons can you share about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and workstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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