5 Reasons for Female Entrepreneurs to Step Outside their Comfort Zone

Women Walking in Heels, Female Entrepreneurs Stepping Outside of their Comfort Zone

As a female entrepreneur, the temptation to stay within your comfort zone is so appealing precisely because it’s so comforting. It helps minimise stress and makes you feel secure, and who doesn't want to live stress-free, right?

As someone who is naturally introverted, the thought of being thrown into uncomfortable social situations often fills me with dread, but when I decided to pursue entrepreneurship I made the decision to actively step outside my comfort-zone on a regular basis. Although it was admittedly painful at first, it eventually helped improve my confidence and filled me with a fresh burst of motivation. Over time I have learned not to shy away from new situations and I’ve discovered a multitude of opportunities because of it. So here’s why you should always try to push your own boundaries by stepping outside your comfort zone too!

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Step Outside Their Comfort Zone

1.   It Can Boost Productivity

You can have too much of anything; too much alcohol is bad for your health, too much chocolate is bad for your waistline (a fact I often ignore) and having too many late nights is bad for your brain. In the same vein, you can definitely become ‘too’ comfortable. Feeling the pressure of deadlines and expectations can drive productivity and help you progress. If you constantly challenge yourself to try new things you’ll quickly get over that initial fear and stepping out of your comfort zone will begin to feel more natural.

 2.   It Can Open Up New Opportunities

In the past I definitely didn’t appreciate how many opportunities I was missing by shying away from things I felt nervous about. By saying yes to new challenges and experiencing new things, you’re more likely to come across exciting opportunities in all areas of your life.

 3.   It Can Make You Feel More Confident

Once you’ve forced yourself outside your comfort zone and realised that nothing bad happened, you’re likely to start feeling more confident about yourself and your ability to tackle new situations. This confidence can then spread into other areas of your life and give you that little boost you need to pursue your goals.

4.   It Can Increase Your Creativity

Exposing yourself to new situations, learning new things and meeting lots of different people can open up new avenues for inspiration and creativity. It can encourage you to reflect upon old assumptions and ideas by giving a different perspective. Viewing things from a new angle can also help you solve problems with creativity and originality.

5.   It Can Help You Grow

Taking risks and not being afraid of failure are great qualities that help us grow and learn. Taking risks doesn’t mean you have to be reckless, but often the biggest risks can also reap the biggest rewards. When I decided to drop out of a Philosophy degree less than 6 months into the course, my decision was unsurprisingly met with resistance from friends and family. However, it was taking this huge risk that led me to discover a new career direction in an industry that I now love.


The Cheang, Share Style, The moderna Contributor

Thea Cheang is a style obsessed web designer and co-founder of Share Style.

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