Why Every Career Girl Should Learn to Code

Why Every Career Girl Should Learn to Code The Moderna

The rise of the nerd has been a hot topic for some time now, with tech startups popping up everywhere and countless opportunities to get involved. Despite this, the tech industry still has very few female developers, which means women have little influence on how these future technologies are being shaped.

As a female web designer who entered the industry completely tech-phobic, I’ve had my fair share of doubts and frustrations about learning to code. Originally studying philosophy and being far more comfortable with a paintbrush in my hand than a keyboard and mouse, I was convinced that my brain was just not wired the correct way to learn how to code. It took a long time for me to realise that web development was a skill that I could really achieve and it helped me to be creative in an entirely new way.

Several years later, after launching an online startup and making my dreams a reality, I’m here to tell you exactly why every career-focused girl can - and should - learn to code.


Developers are the real world rulers these days. Forget bankers and politicians, it’s the era of the super nerd. These are the people who build the products that we all rely so heavily on, from apps and websites, to eCommerce and banking. Soon it’s going to be a nerd’s code that drives you to work in the morning and makes you that first cup of coffee. It’s an area that is changing the way we behave everyday, and crying out for more women to influence its direction. 


One of the great things about web development is that it gives you unlimited freedom over the things you can create whether you’re looking to pursue a career in tech or not. For women who blog or run their own online businesses, having this freedom can be exactly the boost you need to make yourself stand out. The more you explore your creativity, the more likely you are to feel inspired and productive in other areas of you life too.


Coding is about solving problems and life is full of problems. I’ve often found myself applying the same problem solving techniques in my everyday life as I do when I’m developing websites. Breaking down your problems into bite sized pieces and working through each point without becoming overwhelmed is a key skill in coding that translates perfectly to all areas in life. In a professional setting, being able to evaluate problems and come up with creative solutions is a great way to help boost your career.


If you dream of self-employment or entrepreneurship, coding may be the way forward for you. The international tech boom is propelling millennials into high-powered roles all over the world and with more tech funding than ever being pumped into these new businesses, it’s time for women to step in and seize the opportunity to make their mark in the tech world.


The thought of jumping into something so unknown was quite daunting for me at the beginning. It was this self- doubt that held me back from learning and made me want to give up several times along the way. Believing you have the ability to pursue something new and achieve your goals is the first step to being successful. This was the most valuable lesson I learned and it’s also why I’m sure that every career girl can and should learn to code too!



Thea Cheang is a style obsessed web designer and co-founder of Share Style.



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